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About taptv

Tap TV transforms the TVs you already own into a unique entertainment system and promotional tool. Give your guests the fun of live Texas Hold’em and trivia. Display custom ads that you can build to suit your needs.

With real-time games that guests can watch on TV and participate in with a smartphone or tablet, Tap TV holds an audience in ways cable and satellite can’t.

Easy to Install, Easy to Own

You choose the Tap TV channels that are right for your location. Give your patrons the excitement of live Texas Hold’em with Tap TV Poker. Challenge their minds with the brain-teasing fun of Tap TV Trivia. You pay a small monthly subscription fee based on which channels you want.

Installation is fast and easy — all you need is the compact Tap Lite® unit, a broadband internet connection, and a dedicated TV. Multiple TVs can be supported from a single unit with a splitter or pre-installed video switcher.